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1818 E Busch Blvd Tampa, FL 33612
Guaranteed Radiators of Tampa - (813) 932-4371(813) 932-4371
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Customer Reviews for Guaranteed Radiators of Tampa

Here’s what some of our Tampa, FL customers are saying about us:

Got an affordable radiator from here 3 year warranty .everyone else was higher n no warranty ...this place is amazing

Google Review - Monique Unique

This place has Amazing customer relations! This was the most affordable place in Tampa. The staff is very friendly and very personable. They all seem to be seasoned experts. Compared to other shops, this place is amazing. I know enough about cars to know when someone is being honest and i can truly say that they are honest people. I had a flush done here that cost 50% less than anywhere else and the labor cost for replacing my Radiator was almost 75% less than their competitors. Highly recommended! I will never go anywhere else.

Google Review - Doug Thompson

Think you have never met an honest mechanic? You'll find them at Guaranteed. These guys go above and beyond to help. The man that worked with me explained exactly what was wrong with my car and told me that if he repaired it I would be wasting money. My car had a blown motor. He could have easily took my money, but their honesty and the time they took with me to explain what was wrong saved me $500! THIS IS WHERE TO TAKE YOUR CAR IF IT IS OVERHEATING!!!

Google Review - Jim Walker

I talked to Jim and had a $298.00 quote to replace a radiator, thermostat, upper and lower radiator hose. I was out of town and I had a towing company drop off my car to GRT. The following day I spoke to Jim again regarding my car and to take his time since I won't be needing the car right away. He assured me that he will take care of the car. Later that day I decided to have my fan belts replaced as I called GRT and spoke to John this time and he informed me that the fan belts would probably cost around $29.00 each and around $25.00 for I agreed to replace both fan belts. That afternoon John called me and informed me that my car is all done and taken care of and the total cost is $400.00. I am amazed with the quality of work this guys put into the car. You can't beat the price for what I got...super nice and very polite team. If you have any vehicle problem please take it to this shop and you will never go wrong. My friend was also impressed with the price and quality of service. Thank you very much! You are now my favorite shop.

Google Review - Melvin Layug

I needed a fast little repair to my radiator for a classic Mustang. Wow! They did it while I waited. Super nice people, quality work, and a fair price. Don't go anywhere else people!

Google Review - Tdargax

They did a great job on my bmw. Price was exactly what they quoted me and the work was impeccable.

Google Review - Felecia Dee

This is the Best and Honest radiator shop to go to! They are nice and friendly and I would recommend to anyone with a radiator problem!

Google Review - Elijah Thompson

Awesome Business, Highly Recommend. Thanks guys and Happy Holidays

Google Review - Cecil Muggy Corporate

1/3rd of the dealership cost. Super friendly acrossed the board. Owner, employees, everyone... Very Knowledgable. My only complaint is lack of care. I have a newer luxury vehicle and they made a bit of a mess under the hood. It looks like radiator fluid sprayed everywhere. The mechanic also forgot to reconnect a sensor, and lost some retaining clips. I get that their typical clients are old wore-out, out of warranty beaters.. But when a newer car with a lot of electronics come in they could be more cautious

Google Review - Mill Wurray

Mr. Blake and his mother Mrs. Blake assisted my mother a few months back and treated her like family!!

Google Review - Abbess Apocalypse

If you need a radiator replaced go here.

Google Review - Bay Area Homes

This friendly, professional, and family run shop did what it took to solve my overheating problems. Thank you! They did excellent custom work, trying multiple fan assemblies until one would fit my heavily modified and supercharged car. They kept me informed every step of the way and took multiple steps to save me money. Considering the custom nature of the work involved, the end price was extremely fair. Now, I can make use of all the power my car has to offer without it running too hot! Some said it couldn't be done but Guaranteed Radiator did it. These folks are the best!

Google Review - Crown Vic

Beat the OEM from the dealer by 75% and their after market by almost 50%! Fit me in when they had other work going on and finished before they said they would.

Google Review - Jim Woolever

Awesome! I got the radiator swapped on my truck. Dealer wanted $600 and other mechanics were about $450-$500. These guys gave me a quote way below that- then BEAT THEIR QUOTE when they did the work!!! I was blown away by the service and sincerity. Great place - great price.

Google Review - A Google User

I called up to get an estimate and was overwhelmed by the great price. I was prepared for there to be some increase in the quoted price but the shop came in on the quote to the penny. The service was fast and everyone I talked to was very friendly and helpful. I will recommend guaranteed radiators to all my friends and clients.

Google Review - A Google User

Awesome place. Very helpful and knowledgable staff. I bought a new radiator through them for an excellent price and ended up breaking a piece off of it. Brought it in the next day and they fixed it for me for free. Great customer service.

Yelp Review - Kyle S.

The true definition of a local owned family run business. The owner Jim knows his radiators as he immediately was able to calm my fears over the phone when i called in a frantic state asking about my car which was overheating due to radiator problems. So hard to find a good mechanic because of the fear of price gouging & the countless number of dishonest mechanic stories, and never once did i get that feeling from here. After being able to get a tow to their location, I was immediately serviced by Jim & his crew. He was up front & honest with me all the way & took his time out to explain exactly what was going on with my car's radiator and heating problem. Jim also was able to provide me with a few options on what to do to fix my car and save me ALOT of money in unnecessary repairs. WHO DOES THAT! The whole radiator replacement took about 6 hours (due to waiting for various parts to come in from the suppliers) but time flew by as i was chatting the time away with Jim, his mother & the other customers in the store on politics and daily headlines. Every other mechanic i've been to its like one big waiting dead zone watching the seconds tick away as time slows to a CRAWL. I enjoyed the mom & pop feel to the store as evidenced by the vintage pictures in the store & the collection of antique Hess trucks on the wall. In fact the other customer in the store said he drove from St.Pete all the way here to fix his car (yes they also do various car repairs here as well) due to the honesty of Jim & his crew which speaks for the reputation of this shop. When you have any problems give guaranteed radiators a call. You wont be disappointed!

Yelp Review - Larry C.

This shop had my radiator almost $200 cheaper than other discount parts stores. And they got my radiator within an hour! The friendly staff even helped my wife carry it to her car when I couldn't come get it myself. 10/10 in my opinion.

Yelp Review - Brad S.

This friendly, professional, and family run shop did what it took to solve my overheating problems. Thank you! They did excellent custom work, trying multiple fan assemblies until one would fit my heavily modified and supercharged car. They kept me informed every step of the way and took multiple steps to save me money. Considering the custom nature of the work involved, the end price was extremely fair. Now, I can make use of all the power my car has to offer without it running too hot! Some said it couldn't be done but Guaranteed Radiator did it. These folks are the best!

Yelp Review - Dave W.

I can't tell you how awesome these guys are and how helpful they are. The owner took the radiator from another guy and gave it to me just because I was in dire need. But what got me the most that my radiator on my Mazda was literally pouring water and I loved over 20 miles away. I was telling the guys how I hope that I could make it home if they allowed me to fill up my several water jugs in my var, they went a step further. Instead of harassing me to get my radiator work done at there shop, they GAVE me something to basically allow me to make it home. I'm not sure what it was because they even put it in the radiator for me. Not only did my son and I make it home, the damn temp didn't get high at all. This is my 2nd radiator from these guys in as many vehicles and I have nothing but praise for them. Amen!!!

Yelp Review - Anthony S.

Love the family and the work they do. Give them a call :)!!

Facebook Review - Greg Lauderdale

First off, it is worth noting that this shop specializes in engine cooling system repairs. That means, if your car needs brakes, a timing belt, or an AC recharge, this is not where you belong. That said, they do engine cooling systems repair / replacement VERY well and are probably better than 95% of all other shops in this part of the state doing that kind of work, including dealerships. And they work on all major brands of automobiles, trucks, even tractors. While I was there, I saw a radiator on a pallet that had just been delivered, and it was 4” x 4”. Obviously, for a BIG truck. I also saw a Jag being worked on, and a radiator that had come out of a Rolls Royce. So my Honda van felt right at home. Anyway, by background, I discovered that my 14-year-old Honda Odyssey, with a quarter million miles on the odometer, had developed small pin-hole leaks at the top of the radiator. On one trip from south Tampa to Brandon (and back), it managed to lose all of its antifreeze. I was able to cool the engine down before serious damage was done, but it was obvious that the radiator needed to be replaced. First call was to my favorite Honda dealer, who has done excellent work on the car in the past, and is partially responsible for the car running as well and as long as it has. When I called my Service Manager for a quote, the first thing he said was “Oh, my.” That didn’t sound good. After a few minutes, he said, “If you want a genuine Honda radiator, the part is $1,100. Plus about $300 in labor. However, if you will accept an after-market radiator, we can get you done for $875.” I explained that I’d have to think about it (I am retired from the U.S. Navy, so costs of repairs are always a consideration). Next, I checked reviews of local radiator repair shops on Google and Yelp. One facility clearly stood out: Guaranteed Radiator. So I gave them a call. The technician who answered took my vehicle information, put me on hold, and went to look up the price. After a few minutes, he said “We can do it for $228. It might be a little higher, depending on what hoses or clamps need to be replaced, but not much.” I knew that just could not be right, but I thought if he was off by, say, $200, it is still a lot less than having Honda work on it. I asked if they could get it done that day, and he replied, “If you get it to us by 11:00, I am sure we can get it done.” I topped off the radiator and left home immediately. When I arrived, I was greeted at the counter by the owner, Mr. Jim Blake. He had the technician’s notes and telephone quote in front of him, but said he needed to check the manufacture date on my car. It seems Honda changed radiators mid-year on my car, and one was easier to work on and replace than the other. As it turned out, I had the more-difficult model to work on, but that raised the price only $35. They said they could start work on it in 30-minutes or so. If there is a negative for this facility, it is the waiting area. It consists of two rickety chairs that are stuck near the front door, between cardboard boxes full of delivered parts. There is a TV but I was told it has not worked in years. There is coffee, and it is plentiful and not weak. I brought my Kindle along, which currently holds 50 or so texts and journals in various stages of completion, so I sat down and made myself comfortable. While I was waiting for my repairs to be completed, I watched carefully all the interactions with customers and with the mechanics. I have to say, the mechanics at Guaranteed Radiator are a dying breed. Since a lot of the vehicles being worked on are unique, some parts are difficult to find and obtain (e.g., the closest parts source is Baltimore or Portland). Several times I heard them on the phone, obtaining prices asking what the overnight shipping charges would be. The mechanics would often huddle with the owner to talk about alternative ways to fix a radiator, suggesting parts from other manufacturers that were similar enough to an unobtainable or excessively costly part that they could use as a substitute. The facility’s senior mechanic also turned out to be a machinist, and has the equipment and skills to manufacture some unobtainable parts right in the shop. And I think the staff welcomed difficult challenges and loved to find new ways to help their customers without forcing them to spend a fortune on repairs. By 4:30, my Honda was done, for a total cost of $263.22. In the last two weeks since the repairs were done, I have had no problems, and I notice that the car seems to be running slightly cooler than before, suggesting that the new radiator is more efficient than the old one. Based on my experience, I can honestly say I strongly recommend Guaranteed Radiator, especially if you have a unique vehicle, or one with hard-to-find parts. The fact that their repairs are substantially less than your dealer is an added bonus.

Guaranteed Radiators of Tampa Customer Review - Jim Arrington

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